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LCM Vienna – Checking Out

It was an emotional “checking out 19/20” LCM for all LCs in Vienna (WU, UV, TU) on Jan 22nd, 2020. After the exercise “Reflexion space” everybody listened to a heart-breaking final speech of the past LCPs. See “checking out 19/20” picture with Konstantina Borozntiouchina (UV) Gunther Winkler (WU) and Chris Jezierski (TU).

Petra Salmutter represented the AIESEC Alumni Austria team and showed the bridge between AIESEC Alumni and student AIESEC. During that kick-off of our planned LCM Austrian “Roadshow” she presented the activities of AAA and invited the student AIESECers to join Alumni events like ALUMnites and to remain informed via our newsletter or Facebook posts. It was a great option to start our roadshow with super motivated AIESECers! Thank you for inviting AAA!