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Interesting, fun ALUMnite – sharing common cultural traits of Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, ideas on Ethical Leadership, with special guest Mary from AA Greece – and some drinks

Be the Change

From       to     YSF, 2020, 2030, etc. There are a whole lot of (different) great ideas, visions, goals, and events within in AIESEC (Alumni).   The question though remains: How can we – each of us, that is – implement it, be the change in the world?! It is nice […]

Fear & Social Peace Meeting Vienna (2017, Jan 25 th )

5 participants (4 new ones): the outcome of last meeting was re-discussed (definitions on fear, social peace; success stories for everybody…); focus on media (polarisation) and how fears and social peace “frames” have changed since last meeting (presidential elections, refugee topic etc.) General discussion was longlasting (due to lots of red wine involved ?!) and […]

WU Ball

January 14th, 2017 WU Ball – pictures say more than words:   And very special thanks to Andie Barcelona and Saugaat Narula for the excellent organisation!

2 new EB members

January 12th, 2017 two new EB members were elected at the extraordinary General Assembly: New: Jordan Georgiev (VP IT), Andreas Klaschka (VP Events), Dieter Langenecker (President), New: Caroline Chevillotte (VP Finance) For details about the extraordinary General Assembly go to aoHV (German)

Events & Activities Autumn 2016

ALPS October 31st and November 1st four Alumni (Jörn Lange, Chrys Taslis, Greg Tzavelopoulos and Dieter Langenecker) participated in this year’s ALPS (x) at the Hochkar, sharing their experiences with AIESEC both during their studies as well as Alumni, and informed about the relaunch of Mentoring for active Aiesecers by Alumni Alumni (X) The Austrian Leadership […]

Fear and Social Peace Meeting Vienna (Nov 10th, 2016)

Thanks to Johannes “Hansi” Schneeberger the meeting took place at the Europazentrum Wien, where our team of nine motivated old AIESECers (out of 4 generations) was discussing along the following questions:   What I am afraid of/what scares me? What is social peace? (personal definition) How can we achieve social peace?   The topic “fear“ […]

Hofburg Ball WU/AIESEC Alumni Austria

January 14th, 2017, 08.00pm Join AIESEC Alumni Austria at the ball of the University of Economics in the Viennese Hofburg! Sit together with like-minded people and talk about the issues you are passionate about. Then have a drink or two and show your skills on the dance floor; going classic with Waltz or showing off […]

Relaunching Mentoring for active Aiesecers by Alumni

As mentioned during ALPS Gala night, we relaunch Mentoring as a leadership development tool. Here come the details Mentoring is not new, neither in Learning and Development nor in AIESEC. As a core part of our leadership development initiatives, it has helped many of our leaders and alumni worldwide to succeed, therefore it’s time to […]