AAA General Assembly 2018

At the end of each business term AAA members and board gather for the annual General Assembly.

The purpose is to

  • review the ending term
  • set the corner stones for the future development
  • discharge outgoing board members
  • elect new board members

The meeting is also the opportunity to mutually decide on the association’s fundamental operations, guidelines and statutes.
As it covers strategic and operational issues (both challenges and chances) which have partially internal character, participation is restricted to ordinary members (incl. young alumni) and invited guests.

AAA members, who would like to put themselves forward into a leading position and consider running for an AAA board position (vice president) and actively shape the future of AAA are strongly encouraged to submit their application by June 13th 2018 to We are looking for support in the areas of Marketing, Events and IT. Be a leader and join the board of AAA!

The General Assembly will take place on June 23th 2018, 11:00 – 13:30 in the office of AIESEC in Austria – Lassingleithnerplatz 2/3, 1020 Vienna.

An official invitation with the agenda will be sent by e-mail.

AAA @ WU Ball 2018

The highlight of the year so far was the visit of our Alumni community together with student AIESECers at the WU Ball 2018 in the Hofburg, the Imperial Palace of Vienna. This year we had even more international guests than last year – in total about 50 guests from all over Europe. 


The weekend program started with a dinner at Iñigo Restaurant, where we welcomed all our international guests with typical Austrian cuisine. The restaurant was chosen due to its social initiative to support the inclusion of long-term unemployed people in the labor market.
Saturday was fully packed with AIESEC program, just like back in the student times. A bunch of alumni learned a lot about the extensive history of music in Vienna with surprising new facts even for locals! Life long learning is true for all of us.

After lunch at Griechenbeisl with the famous Augustin at the entrance we continued the day with a dance course by Tanzschule Wagner. We got an excellent preparation for the ball night and the Quadrille at midnight and at 2 a.m. in the morning.

Of course all the AIESEC alumni performed well on the dance floor in the Grand Hall of the Hofburg. And we had the best places possible – our tables were directly in the Grand Hall. We had a lot of fun – the last alumni left only after the Big Band played several rounds of encores.

On Sunday finally we enjoyed the farewell brunch together at the traditional Café Landtmann to say good bye to wonderful colleagues and a lovely weekend. 

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all again at the ball in 2019!
Your AAA and OC Wu Ball Team

Be the Change





YSF, 2020, 2030, etc.

There are a whole lot of (different) great ideas, visions, goals, and events within in AIESEC (Alumni).


The question though remains:

How can we – each of us, that is – implement it, be the change in the world?!

It is nice (and easy) to organize great events, and slogans  (every year); but without implementation on an individual base all of it is just a nice idea; in competition with other organisations.

Hunger, poverty, education, etc. – there are other organisations working on these topics; and most of them much more effectively.


So where does this leave AIESEC (Alumni)?

Definitely neither in trying to copy and compete with these other organisations.

Nor in focusing on symptom solutions.

But rather on focusing on the roots, the origins of the challenges of today’s times.

So why is it so difficult for any well-meaning organizations or instituions to inspire people to do something actively? What is it these organisations and institutions have not been able to solve or to do? What is at the core of nowaday‘s problems?

The mission/purpose/meaning/opportunity/chance therefore: to become a creative, inspirational and practical front-thinker, to review the current values systems, to propose and promote new paradigms (i.e. for an ethical way of management and leadership); to define, to actively contribute and to implement ways of a new, sustainable approach of living.




Complex problems require simple solutions (Paul Watzlawick)

Therefore, 1st, by starting in one’s immediate social interactions; i.e. by practicing Umbutu with the people around you. (see the attachment Umbutu if you don’t know what it is about).

And then, to brainstorm in your social group like AIESEC (Alumni) to find the origins of today’s problems; and how to deal with them in practical ways; first and foremost by being an example yourself of this change towards a life based on new paradigms.

To be the change.

Dieter Langenecker

PS: And check this out

Picking up speed

The first 2 Young Alumni joined AAA’s support team: Lieva Wirnsperger (for Events), and Amir Mirlohi (for IT, DB, and more)!

A big welcome to:


Lieva Wirnsperger

I am Lieva, 21 years old and business student at the University of Innsbruck. Growing up in Hamburg, I moved to Innsbruck for my Bachelor degree three years ago. In 2014 I joined AIESEC as member of the Project Management Team and took over the LCP role for the term 2015/16. It was a very exciting year where I learned a lot about myself, teamwork and enjoyed working together with so many involved people in this organisation. After finishing my career in the Students AIESEC at the beginning of this year, I am looking forward to stay engaged with the organization, support the new AAA board with their plans for the next year and work on a close relationship between current AIESEC members and Alumni.

Lieva Wirnsberger portrait picture



Amir Mirlohi

Amir is originally from Iran and has been a student in Austria since 2013. Wanting to do something besides studying, he joined AIESEC in Linz in the second semester of his studies and started working in the area of Marketing and later on became a team leader in the area.
Amir decided to take a more challenging role within AIESEC and led the local committee by serving as President of AIESEC in Linz for the year 2015-16. Even after finishing his AIESEC experience, Amir still keeps in touch with AIESEC by facilitating in international conferences, and helps out whenever he can.
Even though he enjoys bike-riding, Amir prefers pizza over sports any day.

Amir Mirlohi portrait picture



So the “only” question left is: when are you coming aboard the support team? This could be simply for ideas, suggestions, help with the rewriting the statutes, or input regarding the member-database, and/or the organization of small events (ie special Alumnites) or big ones, participating in the ATP (Alumni Theme Programme), you name it. Be it small or large, any contribution will be appreciated.

Send us an eMail at, or join us at the next Alumnite!

With kind regards,


(AAA Pres.)