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AAA Summer BBQ at Franz’ farm

We are very excited to invite you to our AIESEC Alumni Austria summer event.  
Franz Rafetzeder is kindly inviting us to an AIESEC BBQ where we will relish some of his own organic meat and vegetables from his farm.  It will be a special summer event as Franz and his family will prepare delicious food (including sausages, burgers with homemade buns as well as homemade grilled cheese and vegetables) and drinks like beer, cider, wine, whiskey and non-alcoholics for us.  

Your contribution: Franz will put some glass jars on the tables, so you can put your preferred donation into it. If you would like to bring some salads or desserts, please contact us at for an upfront coordination.

We are starting around noon – you can arrive at whatever time suits you best. The end of the event will depend on us. We know a few things about long celebrations and in this case, especially, no neighbors will be disturbed.

Youth AIESEC members and Alumni are welcome to join with their partners and kids .

If you intend to stay overnight, make sure to reserve your accommodation asap – there will be weddings happening in the area around that weekend, so rooms might become scarce very soon.

We are very much looking forward to celebrating with you!

Registration for our AAA Summer event – the famous BBQ at Franz’s farm – is open until August 25th 2024!