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ALUMNite February 2020

ALUMnites happen worldwide and usually it is the first Thursday of the month. So on Feb 6th it was time to meet again. Several times we explored different options and tried to find a new local pub for our gatherings, since the Hofbräu zum Rathaus (some of you may remember) closed in late 2018. Well, we found something new at the same address – The Long Hall Pub & Kitchen. Now it looks like an Irish pub (no wonder, since it is run by the ex-manager of the legendary Charlie P´s) and has a very nice selection of beers and food. We gathered there, had great time together and very interesting discussions over a pint (or more). We will be definitely coming back!

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LCM Vienna – Checking Out

It was an emotional “checking out 19/20” LCM for all LCs in Vienna (WU, UV, TU) on Jan 22nd, 2020. After the exercise “Reflexion space” everybody listened to a heart-breaking final speech of the past LCPs. See “checking out 19/20” picture with Konstantina Borozntiouchina (UV) Gunther Winkler (WU) and Chris Jezierski (TU).

Petra Salmutter represented the AIESEC Alumni Austria team and showed the bridge between AIESEC Alumni and student AIESEC. During that kick-off of our planned LCM Austrian “Roadshow” she presented the activities of AAA and invited the student AIESECers to join Alumni events like ALUMnites and to remain informed via our newsletter or Facebook posts. It was a great option to start our roadshow with super motivated AIESECers! Thank you for inviting AAA!

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ALUMnite December 2019

One more year goes to an end, we hope it has been a great one for you! It’s been a pleasure for us to spend time making AAA a pleasant place for older and younger generations to meet, exchange experiences, ideas and nice moments! We’ll be back in January to continue our mission, we can’t wait to see you at our next events and in the meantime, we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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EB Election Term 19/21

A new term is about to start for the EB of AIESEC Alumni Austria. And here we are, as one of the biggest EBs in the last couple of years.

We wish to use our manpower to regularly host Alumni Events like ALUMnites or Alumni in the Spotlight. To also continue our awesome international footprint as Austrians! And also to foster the bridge between youth AIESEC through Mentoring, workshops and an overall stronger presence at their events!

Looking forward to a great time with all Alumni 🙂

Best Regards

Jordan (President)

Caro (VP Finance)

Nicol (VP Events)

Jana (VP Marketing)

Konsti (VP Relations)

Petra (NST)