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AAIC & StepUp Palermo 2019

AIESEC Alumni Austria did not go unseen at the conference in Palermo! Armed with our super sexy merchandise, we stormed the plenaries in partner look and thanks to Konsti, dropped the average age of the general assembly by at least a decade 😉

The nights always seem quite long in bella Italia! We had a wonderful gala dinner at the magnificent Teatro Massimo (btw. it is third largest opera house in Europe after Paris and Vienna) and enjoyed some Sicilian wine, cheeses and delicious cannoli sweetes at the Touch of Sicily party.

On a more serious note, we took part in very informative sessions about what other AIESEC Alumni entities are up to and how we can support each other and share best practices. One sessions was about creation of the agenda of the upcoming Global AIESEC Alumni Summit! Stay tuned!

During AIESEC Alumni Europe general assembly on Saturday we discharged the old AAE executive board and elected a new one for the coming two years. Congratulations to Peter, Chris, Gabriella and Jean-Paul!

The AIESEC Alumni International general assembly on Sunday saw the closing of the organization in Belgium and the birth of a new one in Switzerland! It’s sometimes good to get a fresh start, we’re sure the future holds something great for AIESEC Alumni and all of its members!