Solar panels and wind power generators are means of producing sustainable energy

Sustainable Energy dialogue in the making

Sustainable energy and climate change

Climate change is affecting every aspect of our lives and current global happenings such as
economics, global policy or the refugee crisis. One year after COP-21 we will discuss
actions on climate change: Are we doing enough? What can politics, economy and civil
society do and how are we best working together? How does a realistic solution look like?

What will the day look like?

For one day young, aspiring minds as well as established professionals will come together
and engage in debates, share ideas, network and brainstorm for solutions how sustainable
energy contributes to fighting climate change.

The afternoon will see workshops around energy related topics. The evening will be kicked of with a keynote, followed by a panel discussion with speakers from the energy sector, ministries and the United Nations (planned).

Who is running the project?

AIESEC Alumni Austria, AIESEC Vienna TU and Aspire.Manufactory of Change organize this event to share, learn and engage
in discussion and workshops around climate change strategy 2030.

OCP/VPs are Maria Vasilevich and Vanessa Wabitsch, both young AIESEC alumnae and both also embedded in Aspire. They are supported by committed alumni, the EB of AIESEC Vienna TU and the Aspire team under Alexandre Taillandier.

How can I contribute?

If you want to contribute with ideas, contacts, help with media or artwork, share some of the work at any phase of the project, please do contact Maria or Vanessa.

Where can I find this on your event calendar?

You will find the most current information also on the event calender. We will add information as it becomes available.