Support for Ukraine

As AIESEC Alumni Austria we curated some helpful resources and links to support people in need, which arrive specifically in Austria.

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General Information

For students and researchers

#ScienceForUkraine is a community group of volunteer students and research scientists from academic institutions in Europe and around the world.
Their mission is to collect and disseminate information about support opportunities at the university, national, and international level for graduate students and researchers directly affiliated to a ukraine academic institution. On this website you will find a wide range of paid academic positions for scientists (PhD student or above), academic transfer opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as temporary housing.

Here is an overview of what the universities have to offer for applicants with a refugee background

Information about student life


How to find a job in Austria coming from Ukraine

Car breakdown assistance for refugees from Ukraine (

Please feel free to contact us with more information that can be useful for Ukrainians in need.

Thanks for your support!