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Membership information

AIESEC Alumni Austria is the Association of and for all former Austria AIESECers and international AIESECers now living in Austria. Moreover membership is open to people who support AIESECs vision of peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential and want to contribute ideally and financially to this end.

“Peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential” – a vision worth not to be left behind just because you finished your university studies. Join as a member and contribute through your participation, actions and financially.

Membership options

Choose the membership programme that best fits your wishes and eligibility criteria

Full Membership

€ 40,- /Calendar Year

Full Membership is directed to Alumni who have finished their study.

  • Voting rights at General Assembly
  • Active and passive suffrage
  • Newsletter
  • Access to Facebook group
  • Access to XING group
  • Access to LinkedIn group
  • Free access to speaker events

Young Alumni Programme Membership

€ 10,- /Calendar Year

We created our YAP to provide students and recent graduates with a low-cost possibility to join and participate.

  • Voting rights at General Assembly
  • Active and passive suffrage
  • Newsletter
  • Access to Facebook group
  • Access to XING group
  • Access to LinkedIn group
  • Free access to speaker events

Supporting Membership

Major financial or ideal contribution /Calendar Year

Supporting membership is open also to people, who are not AIESEC Alumni

  • Newsletter
  • Access to Facebook group
  • Access to XING group
  • Access to LinkedIn group
  • Access to speaker events
  • Participation in General Assembly and insight into financial management

Application process

Check how you can join us as member

Application process

  1. Proceed to the membership application form, and fill it out - it's as simple as that.
  2. According to our statutes the board needs to decide upon and acknowledge your membership, considering your eligibility criteria

Please read our statutes and rules of procedures (German) for detailed information.

Eligibility for various membership types

Check which membership type(s) apply for you

Full Membership

Apply for Full Membership, …

  • … if you were active in a student AIESEC organisation and have finished/ended your studies (entered professional life).
  • … if you completed an AIESEC traineeship and finished your studies.

Young Alumni

Apply for Young Alumni status, if …

  • … if you were active in a student AIESEC organisation, but have finished your career in student AIESEC
  • ... if you are not older than 27 years of age

Your Young Alumni status will automatically be changed to regular membership on January 1st of the calendar year, following your 28th birthday.

Supporting members

If you want to contribute to our vision and goals as a natural person or company you can become supporting member by contributing financially or by providing services to AIESEC Alumni Austria.

Paying your membership fees

Choose your preferred payment option

SEPA direct debit

If you want to pay via SEPA you need to sign the SEPA Direct Debit order (download it here) and send it to us.

What are your advantages?

  1. You save time and energy:
    • Membership contributions will be automatically debited from your account. You safe time, money and don’t need to think about paying your dues
    • No hassle of adapting standing orders to changed membership contributions.
  2. It is a safe method:
    • 2 weeks notice via email prior to debit are compulsory: We MUST inform you about the upcoming debit (date and amount), so you know it will be coming. This again means, no debit without you taking notice.
      You can double-check your own account number and provide sufficient funds
    • Each debit is hassle-free objectionable within 8 weeks if you think you were debited wrongly
    • No errors of transferring to wrong accounts and hassle trying to get your money back

What are our advantages?

We save time and energy, too. And have a better planning basis:

  • We save time: we can debit the membership contribution in one batch run through our bank.
    That means it is a one time effort for us (remember, we work voluntarily in our leisure time)
  • Reduced need for payment reminders: we don't need to check who has already paid. We know it because we debited it.
    Each succesful debit means that there is no need for a payment reminders.
  • We have a better planning basis: With each Direct Debit order we know we have a stable, reliable contribution to the annual budget. And as we can determine the debit date (usually 1st quarter each calendar year) we are less dependable from contributions otherwise spread throughout the year.
  • Reduced costs by electronic processing: No paperwork, no written letters, no postage. And also no PayPal fees. Your membership contribution fully gets to support our cause.

Bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer currently is our preferred option.

If you want to pay your membership contribution via bank transfer, please make sure it's to the right account and the right amount (especially if you place a standing order).

Our bank account is:

AIESEC Alumni Austria
IBAN: AT32 2011 1300 0310 0531
Erste Bank


If you have a PayPal account, you can pay your membership fee by sending the money to an e-mail address.

In this case please use as receiving address.

This option should be free of charge for you and us and might be interesting for all our alumni living outside the EURO/SEPA area.