Fear and Social Peace Meeting Vienna (Nov 10th, 2016)

Thanks to Johannes “Hansi” Schneeberger the meeting took place at the Europazentrum Wien, where our team of nine motivated old AIESECers (out of 4 generations) was discussing along the following questions:


What I am afraid of/what scares me?

What is social peace? (personal definition)

How can we achieve social peace?


The topic “fear“ was quickly discussed and evident (it was mainly (civil) war) but „social peace“ was not so easy and figuring out if we had already achieved social peace in Austria nearly a year ago (remember “Refugees welcome”- slogan 2015) or not lead to various thoughts concerning present status and different personal definitions about social peace  (same values for all human beings, fairness/equity for everybody, right to work etc etc) and finally how we could improve it.


The longer we discussed more options and possible solutions got developed and we realized that we will not find a K.I.S.S. solution that suits all different needs (differencies in economic, cultural, educational background, between various groups in this country, => same values?!,)


Finally we decided to start with the first step forward  – a small success story for everybody, which means getting into discussions with somebody outside of our bubble and trying to understand his/her feelings and worries; personal involvement in the social peace debate with a snow ball system- tactics –  all of us will start and we will  exchange our success stories at the next meeting in January.

NOW is the time to UNDERSTAND more, so we FEAR LESS“ (Marie Curie)!


Next meeting: January 25th 6:30 -8 p.m. (place to be confirmed), we hope to fill the place with more AIESEC generations!!