Culture Talk: Portrait photo of Margret Steixner

SIETAR Austria Culture Talk 11/2015

An AAA – SIETAR Austria – AIESEC Vienna WU cooperation event

Last Friday (27. Nov. 2015, WU Vienna), our second cooperation event with SIETAR Austria and AIESEC Vienna WU took place. Up to roughly 50 attendees, thereof a third from AIESEC Alumni and student AIESEC, took part in afternoon workshops or the keynote in the evening during this Culture Talk 2015.

Afternoon workshops

The afternoon workshops shed lights on the current challenges to handle the refugee wave from different perspectives:

  • language barriers and misunderstandings (particularly due to different concepts and connotations of individual words),
  • simulating the experiences of refugees during their odyssey via a role play game, developed by Caritas France,
  • initiatives by Austrian universities to open their lectures for refugees with little bureaucracy etc.

Culture Talk keynote on intercultural competencies and concrete skills

During the keynote speech our guest speaker Dr. Margret Steixner presented her model of “I, You and We”-skills for intercultural competencies and gave us an insight into this model via short exercises.

The following discussions were intensive and still went on when we switched to a less formal environment with some glasses of (sparkling) wine and snacks until the WU closed its doors. And like last year, the core even continued talking in the premises of AIESEC Vienna WU.

During the network part Dr. Steixner (on request of Michael Fürnschuß) agreed to work together with our student AIESEC fellows, if there’s need and AIESEC wishes to make use of that offer.