InteGreat - an AIESEC Vienna BOKU project

InteGREAT: Be a host and help make a project become reality

AIESEC Vienna BOKU to organize InteGREAT in Vienna

The project idea:

InteGREAT is a 6-week AIESEC internship that will take place from August 15th to September 25th. Students engage with local NGOs such as Caritas, Red Cross or KAMA in order to improve refugees’ integration in Austria. In order to do so, student interns will …

  • … teach (unaccompanied) minors and organise recreational activities for them, hosted by the individual NGO with whom they are working
  • … organise workshops and seminars about the national and European social and cultural context, IT and english courses
  • … create project ideas to raise awareness on integration and welcoming the country
  • … promote their NGO’s activities, help with the Website/Blog management, and give media coverage and visibility to the refugees’ stories and activities

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