AAI Executive Board positions open for candidates

AAI Executive Board – a chance for you?

AIESEC Alumni International is also looking for six new dedicated, qualified and committed people to join their Executive Board.
If you believe you are qualified and have the interest and time to serve, AAI urges you to put yourself forward as a candidate.
So if you feel more able and interested to contribute on an international level instead of strengthening our national alumni team, this might be your chance.

AAI Executive Board – a chance for people around you?

If you yourself can not or don’t want to be a nominee, others around you might be. And AIESEC Alumni International needs your help finding and motivating those leaders who will join AAI’s Executive Board.
These leaders will help grow and professionalize our association. They will build on its newly strengthened foundation. And they will deliver a global impact that is truly worthy of AIESEC itself.

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Screenshot of AlumNet Homepage, AAI's own social network

AlumNet is online

AlumNet: AAI’s own social platform

AlumNet is AIESEC Alumni International’s own and dedicated social network. And it has gone live and available to AIESEC alumni across the world!
To quote from the original campaign:

“With AlumNet you can Connect, Collaborate & Contribute”.

AlumNet’s value added features

Just a marketing claim? Maybe not. AlumNet promises to deliver real value added for alumni compared to other platforms. Besides the usual social network features you find features and programmes like …

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