Picking up speed

The first 2 Young Alumni joined AAA’s support team: Lieva Wirnsperger (for Events), and Amir Mirlohi (for IT, DB, and more)!

A big welcome to:


Lieva Wirnsperger

I am Lieva, 21 years old and business student at the University of Innsbruck. Growing up in Hamburg, I moved to Innsbruck for my Bachelor degree three years ago. In 2014 I joined AIESEC as member of the Project Management Team and took over the LCP role for the term 2015/16. It was a very exciting year where I learned a lot about myself, teamwork and enjoyed working together with so many involved people in this organisation. After finishing my career in the Students AIESEC at the beginning of this year, I am looking forward to stay engaged with the organization, support the new AAA board with their plans for the next year and work on a close relationship between current AIESEC members and Alumni.

Lieva Wirnsberger portrait picture



Amir Mirlohi

Amir is originally from Iran and has been a student in Austria since 2013. Wanting to do something besides studying, he joined AIESEC in Linz in the second semester of his studies and started working in the area of Marketing and later on became a team leader in the area.
Amir decided to take a more challenging role within AIESEC and led the local committee by serving as President of AIESEC in Linz for the year 2015-16. Even after finishing his AIESEC experience, Amir still keeps in touch with AIESEC by facilitating in international conferences, and helps out whenever he can.
Even though he enjoys bike-riding, Amir prefers pizza over sports any day.

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So the “only” question left is: when are you coming aboard the support team? This could be simply for ideas, suggestions, help with the rewriting the statutes, or input regarding the member-database, and/or the organization of small events (ie special Alumnites) or big ones, participating in the ATP (Alumni Theme Programme), you name it. Be it small or large, any contribution will be appreciated.

Send us an eMail at president@aiesecalumni.at, or join us at the next Alumnite!

With kind regards,


(AAA Pres.)

Share contacts with AIESEC!

We as AIESEC in Austria are currently actively approaching companies to partner up with us, not only about exchange, but for many other things. Therefore it would immense help us if you could share your contacts with us of companies, which could potentially be a future partner of AIESEC in Austria.

Therefore I´m attaching an excel which contains already some contacts, but for sure is also missing a lot!

Thank you for your kind help and hope to meet you in person on our events!

Johannes Schneeberger
AIESEC in Austria 16/17

My areas of contribution to AAA 2016/17

Keep it personal & simple

My “areas” of contribution to AAA (and Aiesec) 2016/17 include:


Cooperation with AIESEC in Austria

Communication (Social Media, Newsletter)

Vision, ATP (Alumni Theme Programme)


Ad Alumnites:

As is the case in many AIESEC/AA countries every 1st Thursday of the month we will have an  ALUMNite in Vienna (and hopefully soon also in other cities! Interested? Just let me know!).

An informal get-together (Stammtisch) of Alumni, visitors from abroad and active AIESECers; to reunite, meet old friends. share stories, experiences, inspire – and have fun.

Every then and when we may have some special program (provided someone proposes to organize it).

And I’m thinking to organize a special Christmas Market Alumnite, where also our families (especially kids, or as in my case, grandchildren) can participate.

So head over to the AAA calendar, and make use of the “export to your calendar” feature (the link opens in a new window, so you’ll be able to come back here in no time)!


Ad Cooperation with AIESEC in Austria

Checking out possibilities for co-operations, sharing ideas and experiences, and enabling AIESECers a flawless transition to AAA when finishing their studies!


Ad Communication (Social Media, Newsletter)

Regularly update/inform AAAlumni (and the rest of the world) of what’s going on, what is in the pipeline.

As to the newsletter we are going to reactivate the idea of the “4 Seasons Newsletter”, meaning it will be published once a quarter (21st of September, of December, of March and of June). Plus, the odd issue for special events. And, do consider the idea of sharing your thoughts in one or more of the issues J


Ad Vision, ATP (Alumni Theme Programme)

What is AAA/AIESEC really about, its purpose, mission, vision? “Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential”? Or, “Leadership”? To enable students to be better prepared for …? Or to be a thought leader, to propose (and implement) new approaches?

AAEurope (Peter Mandl) is on the forefront of these conversations; I’m thinking about participating myself as well; and to invite you to share your thoughts and input about the (future) role of AAA/AIESEC; maybe a future (kind of) Board of Advisors? Some of you already expressed interest; so if you feel that in addition to the AIESEC spirit you nowadays also have some experience and thoughts to share, simply let me know, and we’ll take it from there! (You can read more about ATP here)

And do provide us with your thoughts, ideas and active participation!

With best regards,

Dieter Langenecker Portrait picture

Dieter Langenecker (AAA Pres.)

Keep it personal & simple

Alumni serious

Alumni serious

and not so serious

and not so serious


New AAA board, first steps

Here we go! After 2 weeks, numerous meetings (almost like in the “good ol’” AIESEC days, but just almost), and 1 Alumnite – here’s a short outline of the focus for 2016/17.

And let me stress this before anything else: AAA would not exist anymore if it would not have been for the incredible work behind the scenes of both Midge (AAA President 2014-2016), and Jörn (VP Finance). Everything is perfectly structured and organized, potential problems and bottlenecks described with different solution scenarios: IT, social media and website maintenance, statutes, events, all administrative and organizational work. With a probably incredible amount of personal hours invested.

Most likely not the most sexy work. Definitely not seen by most of us (including myself; up to now, that is)

Therefore my sincere thanks to the old team – incredible job, very well done!

So let’s take this opportunity and build upon this base:

Therefore, the mission for 2016/2017? The visible resurrection of AAA.

How: By keeping it personal and simple.

By focusing on few activities; to inspire YOU to enjoy and to participate in AAA activities; and to rediscover ways to give back to AIESEC; and by reigniting the spirit to contribute to the vision of “Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential”.

No more, no less.

I’m looking forward to meeting you personally!

In the meantime, with kind regards,

Dieter Langenecker Portrait picture

Dieter (President AAA)


PS/Btw: The next ALUMNite/Stammtisch is going to going to take place Sep.1st, 2016 – check it out here to read more details and to export the date to your calendar!