InteGreat - an AIESEC Vienna BOKU project

InteGREAT: Be a host and help make a project become reality

AIESEC Vienna BOKU to organize InteGREAT in Vienna

The project idea:

InteGREAT is a 6-week AIESEC internship that will take place from August 15th to September 25th. Students engage with local NGOs such as Caritas, Red Cross or KAMA in order to improve refugees’ integration in Austria. In order to do so, student interns will …

  • … teach (unaccompanied) minors and organise recreational activities for them, hosted by the individual NGO with whom they are working
  • … organise workshops and seminars about the national and European social and cultural context, IT and english courses
  • … create project ideas to raise awareness on integration and welcoming the country
  • … promote their NGO’s activities, help with the Website/Blog management, and give media coverage and visibility to the refugees’ stories and activities

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UN SDGs with World Merit Pictures

Young Alumna goes Merit360 – a commitment to the UN SDGs

Portrait Camilla ReinhardtIn our second article about alumni who passionately shape the world outside the AIESEC realm, we introduce Camilla Reinhardt, former Head of PR with AIESEC Vienna WU.

In an environment that needs so many different approaches to tackle challenges humankind is facing, Camilla is striving to support and bring together partners and to make ambitious projects even more effective.
However even the most ambitious people need support from others – from fellow alumni, for example.

The Interview

Read our interview (in German) with Camilla Reinhardt, Merit360 nominee here.

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AAI Executive Board positions open for candidates

AAI Executive Board – a chance for you?

AIESEC Alumni International is also looking for six new dedicated, qualified and committed people to join their Executive Board.
If you believe you are qualified and have the interest and time to serve, AAI urges you to put yourself forward as a candidate.
So if you feel more able and interested to contribute on an international level instead of strengthening our national alumni team, this might be your chance.

AAI Executive Board – a chance for people around you?

If you yourself can not or don’t want to be a nominee, others around you might be. And AIESEC Alumni International needs your help finding and motivating those leaders who will join AAI’s Executive Board.
These leaders will help grow and professionalize our association. They will build on its newly strengthened foundation. And they will deliver a global impact that is truly worthy of AIESEC itself.

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New LC and MC teams in the house

The new Member Committee Team

On 1st Juli 2016, the new MC term will start. The new MCP was elected during ALPS in December in Fürstenfeld: Anita Živković, currently Head of Operations – Global Internship Program in Austria’s national team. Some of you maybe remember her guest feature “AIESEC Exchange & Leadership Programmes” about the new/current exchange programmes on our website’s news section.
Anita is currently joined by her national and international colleagues and will take over from Una Marin (outgoing NCP) soon.

Thanks so far for the cooperation between AIESEC and AIESEC Alumni – we hope to improve it even more 🙂

The new Local Committee Teams

AIESEC in Austria has quite grown in the recent years.Vienna now sports 3 Local Committees (and a so-called IG/Interest Group = LC in startup phase). And next to the already established LCs in Graz, Linz and Innsbruck there also is one in Salzburg. Unfortunately the former LC in Klagenfurt doesn’t exist any more and several attempts to revive it had failed.

By the way: from an alumni perspective it would be nice to have local/regional alumni communities at all places where there are LCs. Though we as national team with AIESEC Alumni Austria can’t organise local events we still can help with the communication here on the website, the newsletter/event announcements and the communication over our social media: LinkedIn, XING, facebook and AlumNet.

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“On the Road with Migrants”

On Saturday, June 11th 2016, Chrysosthenis Taslis from AIESEC Alumni Austria  and AIESEC LC Vienna WU organized a special boardgame called “On the Road with Migrants”. The game was developed by Caritas France based on real stories and this time took place at at Business University of Vienna (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien).

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Solar panels and wind power generators are means of producing sustainable energy

Sustainable Energy dialogue in the making

Sustainable energy and climate change

Climate change is affecting every aspect of our lives and current global happenings such as
economics, global policy or the refugee crisis. One year after COP-21 we will discuss
actions on climate change: Are we doing enough? What can politics, economy and civil
society do and how are we best working together? How does a realistic solution look like?

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AIESEC ALUMnite April 2016: Bowling with student AIESECers and trainees

Bowling ALUMnite: Pins & Balls

24 alumni, student AIESECers and trainees (!) spent a wonderful alumni bowling ALUMnite on 7th April in Vienna. OceanPark provided a wonderful environment with excellent finger food. And although we didn’t get the VIP area (some companies had booked that) we got VIP treatment. Thanks a million, Mr. Hanfstingl!

Originally planned for only two hours we had so much fun that the games went on until close to midnight. Of course we used the opportunity to play alumni against LCs against trainess, and later on switched to mixed teams at ladies choice…

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Communicating across borders: Timothy Cox

Cooperation between AIESEC Alumni, AIESEC WU and SIETAR Austria once more sucessful!

In cooperation with the Vienna Speakers Club, AIESEC Vienna WU, AIESEC Alumni Austria, SIETAR Austria hosted a wonderful workshop on „Communicating across borders“ at the WU Executive Academy. The participants could enjoy a delightful mix of several presentations.
AIESEC alumnus Chrys Taslis spoke about „High-vs. Low context cultures“ in intercultural communication and inspired a SpeakerNight. Sabine Lobnig later on talked about how to prepare successful „TED Talks“.
Both Chrys and Sabine are members of the Vienna Speakers Club, a member of Toastmasters International. At the Vienna Speakers Club you can learn effective public speaking which of course is also important in the intercultural field. And you can also develop your leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.
Moderated by the Vienna Speakers Club, attendees could later on try out their public speaking skills themselves in short and entertaining exercises.

Timothy Cox holds keynote

Timothy Cox, an experienced Toastmaster and executive coach for intercultural management, then held a keynote on „Communication across borders“. He challenged the participants very interactively to think outside the box and literally step out of their comfort zone.
A big thank you to all the organizations affiliated with this workshop! Find impressions of this Event on SIETAR Austria’s facebook page.
(article based on SIETAR Austria’s event review)

Robert Senz about complex capital markets, crowd knowledge and implications for investors

Robert Senz, AIESEC alumnus, as guest speaker at AAA SpeakerNight

We were delighted to have Robert Senz again as a speaker with us. Robert is a seasoned capital markets expert. He was recently appointed the new head of Erste Asset Management’s fixed income department and ranks among the top 6 Chief Investment Officers Global Fixed Income at LinkedIn.

In the late 1970s, Robert did his AIESEC internship in Kingston, Canada and later employed himself AIESEC trainees. Quote: “I learned so much from that traineeship that I wanted to give back the opportunity to others.”

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AIESEC alumna Gabriele Schallegger in the media

“Do what you do best”

Former AIESEC Graz member Gabriele Schallegger is in the media today. The now finance director of one of Russia’s greatest papermills reflects on her success story. Parts of her story reflects back to her learnings in AIESEC.

Gabriele’s key learnings:

  • You need to get out there to understand the product. That does not happen all out of its own.
  • What you learned early on in life and liked to do a lot is the best indicator for your career
  • I always did, what I previously found out I can do well – and then used the chances that came along

Her AIESEC experience

Gabriele worked in exchange and organised career fairs. At that time she contacted a lot of HR managers and learnt about their priorities and needs.

Read the full portrait by Andrea Lehky (Die Presse)

Congratulations to Gabriele Schallegger and her success 🙂