Relaunching Mentoring for active Aiesecers by Alumni

As mentioned during ALPS Gala night, we relaunch Mentoring as a leadership development tool. Here come the details
Mentoring is not new, neither in Learning and Development nor in AIESEC. As a core part of our leadership development initiatives, it has helped many of our leaders and alumni worldwide to succeed, therefore it’s time to give it a boost. It represents great potential for growth by transferring knowledge and collaborating between active members and alumni, or even alumni and alumni to develop each other. Through regular meetings and discussions the mentor supports and encourages the mentee to succeed at their role and responsibilities.


What advantages does an alumnus have as a mentor?

  • Acquisition of new people skills that can be used in the future in the professional field, for example in managing a team
  • Strengthening and consolidation of own leadership skills
  • Possibility to give back to organization and contribute to its ongoing success


How to begin?

Mentees: Approach direct your mentor or let us know what kind of mentor you’d like (describe areas of expertise, skills and method as detailed as possible) and we’ll connect you as soon as there is one

Mentors: Let us know you ‘d like to participate and state your areas of expertise, skills and method as detailed as possible) and we’ll connect you to the right mentee, providing you also tools to begin with.


Should you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us (

@ly yours

Chrys Taslis with Alumnus of the Year Award

PS Mentoring as a word comes from the greek name Mentoras [Μέντορας], a teacher, who taught Telemachos, the son of Odysseus (King of Ithaka) for 20 years, in ancient Greece. Homer reports, that while Telemachos was learning from Mentor, he developed himself to an excellent young man who could take over his father’s kingdom.