Organise an event

Organise an alumni event yourself!

You have an idea for an event that could support our mission? Your company is organising something that is in line with our mission? And you want to share it with other alumni? Great! That makes so much more possible than could have created by just the voluntary Alumni management team alone J

Contact us at and we will help you communicating and sharing your event to your fellow alumni!

Anyway, please let’s be clear on the expectation side ;-):

  • As alumni management team we work voluntarily in our limited spare time – we can help communicate your event and bring it in line with other events. But we cannot organise it for you.
  • Please get in contact with us in time. Planning/realising newsletter content, communicating your event to active AIESECers, coordinating the event schedules with other events and integrating your event in our event calendar and possibly ticketing system takes some time.

Please check our event calendar for available dates.