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Use several options to get involved - depending on the intensity desired!

For sure you found friends in AIESEC, maybe even some of your best friends in life. And you already stay connected with them. Well, that's cool  🙂

And now: how about connecting with other Alumni, from other Local Committees and/or from other generations? People who already were where you want to go next? People who share not only your AIESEC values but also some of your current passions? And so much more? Where could that lead you to? Find out!


Join us as a member

Join us as a regular member and benefit from all our services

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Build or join a local alumni hub in your town

Vienna may seem to be the only alumni hot spot in Austria – but definitely not the only one!

Attend our events!

Whether being a seasoned alumni, a young alumni newcomer or at some events even still a student AIESEC member: learn and connect at one of our events!

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Refer other alumni to us!

Help us growing our network and reaching more alumni! Guide your friends to this site or send us their contact information.

Organise an event

You have an idea for an event and want other alumni to share and participate? Wonderful! Contact us and we will help you!

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Stay informed

Stay informed for free with our (roughly) monthly newsletter. Sign up here. Or join our social groups on various platforms.

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Support active/student AIESEC

Support the next generation AIESECers and give back!

You have enjoyed a valuable part of your life in AIESEC, found friends, enjoyed international spirit, profited from our own internal development programmes, did a traineeship, …

You want to give back something you your Local Committee or AIESEC in Austria in general? Wonderful! Join all the other alumni already committed to support our student fellows. You can do so in various ways:

Get involved as a mentor

Share your valuable experience with AIESEC students who are about to finish their study and continue in the work life.

Get involved as a trainer, coach, or speaker at an AIESEC event!

Support our student fellows with your expertise and give a training, speak at an event or coach them in their leadership roles.

Refer a traineeship!

You, your company or someone you know is looking for a well-educated trainee with a valuable international background? Refer a traineeship!