Step Up London Report


Last weekend (November 10-12th) more than 20 European AIESEC Alumni Managers and Community leaders from different European countries gathered in London for the StepUp 2017 meeting. This working meeting was organized by AIESEC Alumni Europe together with AIESEC Alumni UK. It aimed at planning joint activities, reflecting on achievements, discussing current issues (e.g. integrated national and international memberships etc.). AAA was represented by me and Andreas Klaschka.

Large part of the work was dedicated to creating a theme for the next two years of the Alumni Theme Program (ATP). Special attention will be given on national level to projects using this theme and collaboration on international level will be promoted, thus increasing the positive impact of the work of the alumni associations. After many hours of intense discussions, the theme was decided: “Break out of the routine”. In addition to the theme, ATP projects will focus on two topics – innovation and learning – which also create a strong link to the UN sustainable development goals and support them.

International collaboration was a major focus of this working meeting. Successful projects, best practices and event ideas were presented by different European countries. The establishment of AIESEC Alumni Bulgaria was announced and it will take place during the European Regional Alumni Congress (ERAC) in Varna, Bulgaria in May 2018. All AIESEC alumni are invited to take part in this historical event!

Key success for this international collaboration is the personal contact and network. It was very valuable to get to know fellow alumni from around Europe, discuss future projects and ideas with each other. And just have fun together – have a spicy Indian dish in a cozy restaurant in the legendary Brick lane (including a loud roll call to Indian music) or a couple (or more) craft beers, listening to an indie rock band.

The next StepUp meeting will be hosted by AIESEC Alumni Germany at the legendary Rhine cruise in the end of September 2018 – and we are already looking forward to it!



Events & Activities Autumn 2016


October 31st and November 1st four Alumni (Jörn Lange, Chrys Taslis, Greg Tzavelopoulos and Dieter Langenecker) participated in this year’s ALPS (x) at the Hochkar, sharing their experiences with AIESEC both during their studies as well as Alumni, and informed about the relaunch of Mentoring for active Aiesecers by Alumni Alumni

(X) The Austrian Leadership Preparation Seminar – ALPS, is the largest conference in AIESEC in Austria and provides the participants with a space of growth where they can understand and assimilate their past experiences and empowers them to take their next steps in AIESEC – whichever they might be; through developing their leadership skills and helping them create a vision for their own path in AIESEC.



Thursday, Nov. 3rd,   at Das Campus WU Wien with past-President Midge


Fear and Social Peace

Thursday, Nov. 10th,  wonderful inspirational evening organised by Eva Westhauser

The meeting took place at the Europazentrum Wien, where our team of nine motivated old AIESECers (out of 4 generations) was discussing along the following questions:

What I am afraid of/what scares me?

What is social peace? (personal definition)

How can we achieve social peace?

Read the whole summary here

Next gathering Jan. 25th 6:30 -8 p.m. (location tba)


AAEurope‘s  StepUp

Nov 11-13th,  in Athens, on the ATP/Alumni Theme Program

All the details here


“Unconditional Basic Income – Naive Illusion or Base for a Sustainable Future?”

Wednesday November 16th,  Great profound presentation by Thomas Krisper

The Swiss referendum on June 5th 2016 drew the worldwide attention to this idea: Everybody should be guaranteed an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) in order to be able to live modest but in dignity. You can also see it as a financially extended interpretation of the Human Rights declaration (Article 1: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”). Other aspects are: an answer to automation and increasing unemployment, a new definition of work, a possibility of activating the creativity and resources of all humans, and many more. The important part is: It is not just a new form of social welfare, but a total shift of paradigms: From a system of fear and competition to a system of institutionalized love and mutual empowerment, which is more efficient not only ethically but also economically!

See the PPT presentation HERE


Christmas Market at Aggstein

Nov. 20th , in short: too many people, not all of them/too many Alumni; see for yourself:


But Glühwein and Würstel helped to endure the cold temperatures and crowds



AIESEC’s YSF/Youth Speak Forum

Nov 22nd – 25th,  in cooperation with UNIDO

Read all about this global initiative at



SIETAR Austria – Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research

Friday Nov. 25th,  Speech by Gert Jan HOFSTEDE on „The Dark Side Of Culture



Christmas Market

Saturday, Nov. 26th  Beautiful Christmas Market visit by AA Innsbruck



Alumnite in Vienna and 1st Alumnite ever in Innsbruck

Thursday, Dec. 1st 




50 Years Anniversary of AIESEC Czechoslovakia

Saturday, Dec 3rd,  in Bratislava with Jean Choplin, Founder of AIESEC in 1948 (a real moving experience!)



LCM and Christmasparty LC Graz

Wednesday, Dec 7th, in my home LC Graz, which is also going to initiate Alumni activities!


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European Regional Alumni Conference and Rhinecruise in Bacharach (Germany)

From July 7th to July 10th up to 200 Alumni and their families met on Castle Stahleck in Bacharach in Germany. During the first two days AIESEC Alumni Germany (AAG) and AIESEC Alumni Europe (AAE) hosted the European Regional Alumni Conference (ERAC). Representatives from eight national Alumni associations in Europe and from AAE were sharing successes and challenges of their national activities. Additionally, AAE and AAG introduced the Alumni Theme Programme (ATP). On Saturday, all participants were joining for a boat trip on the river Rhine during the day and for a subsequent barbecue and party in the castle.

With best regards,

Portrait Jörn Lange

Jörn (VP Finance)


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My areas of contribution to AAA 2016/17

Keep it personal & simple

My “areas” of contribution to AAA (and Aiesec) 2016/17 include:


Cooperation with AIESEC in Austria

Communication (Social Media, Newsletter)

Vision, ATP (Alumni Theme Programme)


Ad Alumnites:

As is the case in many AIESEC/AA countries every 1st Thursday of the month we will have an  ALUMNite in Vienna (and hopefully soon also in other cities! Interested? Just let me know!).

An informal get-together (Stammtisch) of Alumni, visitors from abroad and active AIESECers; to reunite, meet old friends. share stories, experiences, inspire – and have fun.

Every then and when we may have some special program (provided someone proposes to organize it).

And I’m thinking to organize a special Christmas Market Alumnite, where also our families (especially kids, or as in my case, grandchildren) can participate.

So head over to the AAA calendar, and make use of the “export to your calendar” feature (the link opens in a new window, so you’ll be able to come back here in no time)!


Ad Cooperation with AIESEC in Austria

Checking out possibilities for co-operations, sharing ideas and experiences, and enabling AIESECers a flawless transition to AAA when finishing their studies!


Ad Communication (Social Media, Newsletter)

Regularly update/inform AAAlumni (and the rest of the world) of what’s going on, what is in the pipeline.

As to the newsletter we are going to reactivate the idea of the “4 Seasons Newsletter”, meaning it will be published once a quarter (21st of September, of December, of March and of June). Plus, the odd issue for special events. And, do consider the idea of sharing your thoughts in one or more of the issues J


Ad Vision, ATP (Alumni Theme Programme)

What is AAA/AIESEC really about, its purpose, mission, vision? “Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential”? Or, “Leadership”? To enable students to be better prepared for …? Or to be a thought leader, to propose (and implement) new approaches?

AAEurope (Peter Mandl) is on the forefront of these conversations; I’m thinking about participating myself as well; and to invite you to share your thoughts and input about the (future) role of AAA/AIESEC; maybe a future (kind of) Board of Advisors? Some of you already expressed interest; so if you feel that in addition to the AIESEC spirit you nowadays also have some experience and thoughts to share, simply let me know, and we’ll take it from there! (You can read more about ATP here)

And do provide us with your thoughts, ideas and active participation!

With best regards,

Dieter Langenecker Portrait picture

Dieter Langenecker (AAA Pres.)

AAI Executive Board positions open for candidates

AAI Executive Board – a chance for you?

AIESEC Alumni International is also looking for six new dedicated, qualified and committed people to join their Executive Board.
If you believe you are qualified and have the interest and time to serve, AAI urges you to put yourself forward as a candidate.
So if you feel more able and interested to contribute on an international level instead of strengthening our national alumni team, this might be your chance.

AAI Executive Board – a chance for people around you?

If you yourself can not or don’t want to be a nominee, others around you might be. And AIESEC Alumni International needs your help finding and motivating those leaders who will join AAI’s Executive Board.
These leaders will help grow and professionalize our association. They will build on its newly strengthened foundation. And they will deliver a global impact that is truly worthy of AIESEC itself.

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Screenshot of AlumNet Homepage, AAI's own social network

AlumNet is online

AlumNet: AAI’s own social platform

AlumNet is AIESEC Alumni International’s own and dedicated social network. And it has gone live and available to AIESEC alumni across the world!
To quote from the original campaign:

“With AlumNet you can Connect, Collaborate & Contribute”.

AlumNet’s value added features

Just a marketing claim? Maybe not. AlumNet promises to deliver real value added for alumni compared to other platforms. Besides the usual social network features you find features and programmes like …

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Rhine Cruise: Pictures of Rhine, Castle Stahleck and a Rhine river cruise boat

Rhine Cruise + European Regional Alumni Conference

Legendary Rhine cruise to come back!!!

7th – 10th July 2016, Bacharach, GERMANY

After a five-year break our AIESEC Alumni fellows in Germany organise the legendary “Rhine Cruise” again.

Thursday, 7th July to Sunday, 10th July 2016 will see a divers programme including the first European Regional Alumni Conference (EuRAC, organised by AAE), wine tasting, Rhine cruise, Keynote speech, workshops, party etc. Each of the modules can be booked separately.
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Winter landscape in the mountains

AIESEC Alumni Winter Event

AIESEC Alumni Germany organises Winter Event in Austria!

28th Feb – 6th Mar 2016, Almdorf Reiteralm/Schladming

AIESEC Alumni have met at the traditional “Winter Event” at Almdorf Reiteralm near Schladming for several years. Skiing, spa-ing, making/meeting friends and other winter activities make up the programme for the week.

This time, the event will take place from February 28th to March 6th 2016. You can participate for the whole week or alternatively half a week only. The second half – March 2nd-6th – is already fully booked, but a waiting list is organised.

For further details and registration, please check here.