Resignation and Extraordinary General Assembly

Mainly due to health reasons I’ll be resigning as President of AAA as of August 8th, 2017.

To elect a new president an Extraordinary General Assembly will take place Sep 7th, 2017, 07.00 pm at
Cafe Museum, Operngasse 7, 1010 Vienna.

Jordan Georgiev will be a candidate for this positiion. Other people interested are invited to submit their candidacy by Aug. 28th, 2017 latest.

AAA is also looking for an IT specialist (Database), as well as for Social Media, for their Support Team. Do get in touch via!

An official invitation to the Extraordinary General Assembly will be mailed in August.


On a personal note, working with and for you has been one of the great joys of my life. Thank you for that gift!



PS: Of course I’ll not be disappearing completely; I still will be active with Be the Change projects within a reasonable framework. There are already some ideas on both how to continue the Be the Change projects we’ve started 2016/17, as well as new ones, like Global Exchange for Alumni Children (regardless of age). Stay tuned for more! CU

General Assembly June 2017


On June 24th, 2017 the General Assembly 2016/17 took place.

The agenda consisted of reports for 2016/17, preview 2017/18, discharge of former VP Finance Jörn Lange, discussion on MC’s AIESEC Austria request for financial support, and awards presentation for Young Alumni of the Year to Lieva Wirnsperger, and Alumni of the Year to Eva Westhauser.

You may find the Agenda here, and the Minutes here.

Special thanks to Eva Westhauser for chairing the assembly, and to Michael “Midge” Fürnschuß for taking care of the minutes!


Be the Change/30 Years AAA

Had a wonderful Be the Change weekend: presentations & inspirations by Alumni on how they continued to implement the AIESEC spirit in their social change initiatives after AIESEC, visit by Jean & Catherine Choplin (founder of AIESEC), with Alex Tichy and Peter Mandl, guests from Slovenia, Slowakia, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Russia, China; and all of this on a boat trip from Vienna to Bratislava. Thank you all!



Be the Change – Fear and Social Peace

Fear and Social Pace 3rd meeting 23rd March 2017-03- 24

5 participants, we discussed 3 different options and the agreed outcome was that we want to cooperate with a social “platform” and want to present various social organisations (NGOs, social start ups and initiatives, Social businesses etc. ) out of 4-6 defined social areas to AIESEC Alumni members in a two step programme; first step will be a brief presentation on the boat trip to Bratislava and second step will be a 1 day programme in November


Interesting, fun ALUMnite – sharing common cultural traits of Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, ideas on Ethical Leadership, with special guest Mary from AA Greece – and some drinks

Be the Change





YSF, 2020, 2030, etc.

There are a whole lot of (different) great ideas, visions, goals, and events within in AIESEC (Alumni).


The question though remains:

How can we – each of us, that is – implement it, be the change in the world?!

It is nice (and easy) to organize great events, and slogans  (every year); but without implementation on an individual base all of it is just a nice idea; in competition with other organisations.

Hunger, poverty, education, etc. – there are other organisations working on these topics; and most of them much more effectively.


So where does this leave AIESEC (Alumni)?

Definitely neither in trying to copy and compete with these other organisations.

Nor in focusing on symptom solutions.

But rather on focusing on the roots, the origins of the challenges of today’s times.

So why is it so difficult for any well-meaning organizations or instituions to inspire people to do something actively? What is it these organisations and institutions have not been able to solve or to do? What is at the core of nowaday‘s problems?

The mission/purpose/meaning/opportunity/chance therefore: to become a creative, inspirational and practical front-thinker, to review the current values systems, to propose and promote new paradigms (i.e. for an ethical way of management and leadership); to define, to actively contribute and to implement ways of a new, sustainable approach of living.




Complex problems require simple solutions (Paul Watzlawick)

Therefore, 1st, by starting in one’s immediate social interactions; i.e. by practicing Umbutu with the people around you. (see the attachment Umbutu if you don’t know what it is about).

And then, to brainstorm in your social group like AIESEC (Alumni) to find the origins of today’s problems; and how to deal with them in practical ways; first and foremost by being an example yourself of this change towards a life based on new paradigms.

To be the change.

Dieter Langenecker

PS: And check this out

Fear & Social Peace Meeting Vienna (2017, Jan 25 th )

5 participants (4 new ones): the outcome of last meeting was re-discussed (definitions on fear, social peace; success stories for everybody…); focus on media (polarisation) and how fears and social peace “frames” have changed since last meeting (presidential elections, refugee topic etc.)

General discussion was longlasting (due to lots of red wine involved ?!) and finally ended up to where possible goals and next steps could lead AIESEC Alumni organisation

Next meeting (invitation will follow, end of March ?!) will focus on implementation, suggestions will be mailed during next week.

Kind regards,

Eva Westhauser