Board and Team members

Jordan Georgiev


Jordan graduated as Master of Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration with majors in informatics and banking, member of the Master Class Eastern Europe. 1998 to 2005 working at Österreichische Kontrollbank and Unisys Austria. Executive Board member of AIESEC Vienna - LCVP Projects 1999-2000.

Since 2005 Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in Vienna, three years in a row member of the Top 50 consultants worldwide; numerous consulting projects in Central and Eastern Europe for energy and telecommunication clients.

In 2010 he became CEO and member of the managing board of the state-owned Bulgarian Energy Holding, one of the largest energy companies in the region, with around 22 thsd. employees and consolidated revenues of more than 2,7 bn EUR. Steering Committee member of the pipeline project Nabucco; until August 2012 also chairman of the board of Bulgartel EAD and ICGB EAD (Bulgarian-Greek natural gas interconnector company). Since 2014 he was also senior advisor of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in Munich with focus on the energy and telecom sector in Russia/CIS.

Since 2013 Jordan is working as an independent consultant, expert and managing director at JKG Advisory. 

In 2013 he was selected to join the first forum of emerging leaders of the European Forum Alpbach, Alpbach In Motion.

Jordan is certified CA Unicenter® Engineer and ITIL® Expert and fluent in German, Bulgarian, English and Russian and has basic knowledge of Serbian and Croatian.

Caroline Chevillotte
Vice President Finance

Caroline - born in Grenoble, France -  started her AIESEC career in the LC Graz in 2012  as AIESEC National Conference Project Manager, continuing as Vice President of Talent Management and LCP. She is holding a Bachelor degree in European Ethnology/Cultural Anthropology Minor in Slavic Studies, and is currently working on her Master in Global Studies. She is speaking French, German, English, Spanish and Russian. Besides teaching French in her spare time she is also interested in languages, history,  geography, oenology and dancing.


Andreas Klaschka
Vice President

Andreas joined AIESEC at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration in 1997, where he initally was part of the International Management Seminar Vienna and Wirtschaftsforum. In 1999-2000 he took over responsibility for Incoming and Outgoing Exchange for the LC and supervised "Thank you India". Later he continued with an AIESEC internship in India.
Since 2015 Andreas supports AAA in event organisation, particularly with the SpeakerNight SocialMan and the sustainability event in October 2016.

Andreas held various positions in Austria and Spain in the fields of personnel management and sales planning/sales strategy. Hi works now as financial controller for Light for the World.

He actively supports "SocialMan Hilft!" as a project for the inclusion of young handicapped people, engages also in projects in the field of refugee integration and likes sports and Lindy Hop dancing.

Lieva Wirnsberger portrait pictureLieva Wirnsberger
AAA national support team

I am Lieva, 21 years old and business student at the University of Innsbruck. Growing up in Hamburg, I moved to Innsbruck for my Bachelor degree three years ago. In 2014 I joined AIESEC as member of the Project Management Team and took over the LCP role for the term 2015/16. It was a very exciting year where I learned a lot about myself, teamwork and enjoyed working together with so many involved people in this organisation. After finishing my career in the Students AIESEC at the beginning of this year, I am looking forward to stay engaged with the organization, support the new AAA board with their plans for the next year and work on a close relationship between current AIESEC members and Alumni. .

Young Alumni - Your picture here next?!

You are about to leave AIESEC, but still want to be involved in the AIESEC spirit? You want to learn practical management and leadership skills from experienced AIESEC Alumni? And you want to participate in interesting and meaningful projects?
We are looking to expand our Support Team with a Social Media Manager, IT freak, Events OC Members, and some.
So if you are a Young Alumni who wants to help to make the world a better place and to learn something new (and to teach some old Alumni some new tricks) simply get in touch with us:

Chrys Taslis

AAA national support team

Chrys grew up in Greece, among olive trees and a big family on island Lesbos. He moved to Athens in 2000 to study Computer Science at the Athens University of Economics and Business where he joined AIESEC, volunteering for Reception and Incoming Exchange. After graduating in 2004, he moved to AIESEC Brussels supporting their recruitment. By a twist of luck he was called last moment to train for the first time at the national conference. That led him to facilitate and chair 8 conferences in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Poland and Czech Republic, designing strategies, campaigns and supporting exchange quality. Finally he participated in the exchange program himself, living for 17 months in Hyderabad, India, working as trainer at the Satyam School of Leadership.
He currently lives in Vienna, training, coaching, teaching german to Syrian asylum-seekers and running a social enterprise, importing olive oil from his native island Lesbos. He's passionate about sustainable social and personal development, swimming and basketball.

Your support is always welcome 🙂

You want to contribute to AAA's goals, programmes and social activities? You want to take on tasks, smaller or larger, timewise limited or over a longer period of time? Great! 🙂
Contact us at, we can offer you plenty of possibilities to contribute to the AIESEC (Alumni) Spirit!