AIESEC Alumni Austria Programmes

“Peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential”

a vision worth not to be left behind just because you finished your university studies.

AIESEC helped us as students in charting our course and to contribute to our mutual vision of peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential. Being adults AIESEC still can impact us and we still can contribute to this vision. AIESEC Alumni Austria provides the platform to do so. Below you will find our approaches to achieve our vision.

Connecting AIESEC Alumni

  • Bringing together Alumni at various events in Austria, Europe and the world
  • Providing online forums via XING, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Promoting Alumni news through our newsletter and our website
  • Providing an Austrian-wide AIESEC Alumni events calendar

Supporting and strengthening AIESEC in Austria

  • Facilitating contact between student and alumni AIESECers through mutual events
  • Promoting student AIESEC news
  • Locating alumni trainers/coaches/speakers for AIESEC events
  • Introducing Austrian local and member committees to local alumni and potential trainers, coaches and speakers
  • Facilitating traineeship referrals

Building a strong Alumni Association

  • Provide opportunities for engagement, involvement and supporting AIESEC Alumni Austria
  • Welcoming new graduates
  • Growing our list of alumni

Get involved!

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